Manage your entire business network from a single platform.

WDash: The Smart Solution for Network Management

With WDash, companies can see and analyze everything from the number of network development of their employees to the dates of meeting organizing, what they talked about in the meeting and the efficiency of the meeting. Multiply your network performance and increase your business success with WDash.

Analyze and improve your network numbers.

With WDash, you can track your employees' network development numbers analyze and improve.

Accelerate the transformation of acquaintances in the business world into collaborations

Analyze your business network

Analyze meetings

Accelerate collaborations

Read a 1-Minute Summary of a 60-Minute Meeting

Find out what was discussed, what decisions were made and what actions were planned in a concise and concise way.With WNetwork, managers or company owners who cannot attend the meeting or who want to see the analysis of the meeting can easily read the summary of the meeting and follow what needs to be done after the meeting. Contact us to analyze your meetings with WNetwork.

See All Speeches from the Meeting

See All Conversations in a Meeting in Detail allows you to see who said what, how much they said, and what topics they touched on in the meeting. You can retrieve details missed or forgotten in the meeting, better understand what was said in the meeting and determine what needs to be done after the meeting. It is designed to improve the quality and impact of your meetings.

Turn Business Introductions into Meaningful Collaborations

Meeting new people in business enables you to build lasting and productive relationships with them. Speed up your business introductions, schedule your meetings and analyze network efficiency. Expand your business network and bring your meetings to meaningful results.

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